Identity, Packaging Design

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Piera Wolf and laflor Cofounder Zelia Zadra
Photography: Marie-Christine Gerber | Typeface: Basel Grotesk, Chi-Long Trieu 

Office, Issue 19
Design Direction, Art Direction, Magazine Redesign

W—E studio
Office: Simon Rasmussen, Jesper D. Lund and Team | Typefaces: Scto Grotesk A + B and Items by Schick Toikka

ClHu, Clothes For Humans
Sizing System, Label Design, Print Design and Art Direction

W—E studio
ClHu: Maria Tomei Borromeo, Lo Martin | Identity, Guidelines:  Order| Photography: Andrew Mailliard (on-model), Adam Fithers (flatlays) | Typeface: Bradford, Laurenz Brunner

Vogue Italia, Digital Covers
Lead Design, Monthly Magazine

Piera Wolf and Claudine Eriksson
Editor in Chief: Emanuele Farneti | Creative Director: Ferdinando Verderi | Custom Type:
ABC ETC INC | Animation: Lukas Letsche

Soi Thai, Authentic Thai Table
Design, Art Direction, Photography

Piera Wolf and  Zelia Zadra
Soi Thai: Valentin Diem, Patrick Schindler
Code Website: Dario Zadra